SDPPI Certification

Indonesia SDPPI Certification

SDPPI Certification Postel (Ministry of Communications and Informatics) :

  • SDPPI Certification is a regulatory body under Kominfo ( Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Informatics ).
  • SDPPI is required for telecommunication equipment and devices to ensure that they comply with Indonesian regulatory standards and technical requirements.
  • SDPPI is mandatory for products such as mobile phones, tablets, wireless devices, and other telecommunications equipment before they can be legally imported, sold, or used in Indonesia.
  • Manufacturers or importers need to submit their products for testing and evaluation to obtain the SDPPI certification.


  • 3G and 4G device
  • Wlan(802.11 a/b/g/n ac)
  • Security Peripheral
  • Router IP
  • Printer Fax
  • Printer Fax,BT,Wifi, & NFC
  • Bluetooth
  • GPRS Modem for GSM
  • Remote Ctrl Transmitter
  • PDA
  • Radar Vehicle Systems
  • Fax Machine
  • VoIP
  • Low Power Device
  • IP Phone
  • DWDM
  • And many others

Full Support for Engineering Testing 

Approval usually requires domestic equipment testing. InterPertama can ensure that our personnel have the right technical expertise to support the equipment under test. This reduces testing delays and gives our clients the security of knowing that their approval is in good hands.
Our experienced personnel put the product through testing to ensure that they understand its configuration and settings. Our clients can usually see live testing support. Our local engineers work closely with our design or client support engineers to resolve issues when there are test failures or other issues. This allows the manufacturer’s domestic sales employees to focus on their primary goals rather than the type approval process.

Close relationship with Local authorities

Many countries depend on relationships. Due to the large number of applications received in each market we cover, we strive to maintain strong working relationships with regulatory agency representatives in each market. We enjoy strong professional relationships with those in the governing body. To prevent unnecessary delays in the issuance of a type approval certificate, it is often important to continue communicating with local agencies after testing is completed. We continue to pursue them, giving our clients’ sales engineers time to work.

Reporting Progress and Status

We provide continuous progress information throughout the approval process we assist our clients with. Our secure intranet allows our local offices to access and update our central servers to monitor all our work. We can update our clients on the status of each project we are handling for them at any given time, by providing regular status reports that provide all the information our clients need for launch planning and delivery schedules. This allows our clients to manage approval projects for multiple products across multiple markets with minimal staff time spent.

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