TKDN Certificate


TKDN Certificate

TKDN stands for “Tingkat Komponen Dalam Negeri,” which is an Indonesian term for “Domestic Component Level.” TKDN Certification is a requirement imposed by the Indonesian government on certain electronic and telecommunication products to ensure a minimum percentage of locally sourced components.

The TKDN regulation is part of Indonesia’s efforts to promote the development of its domestic industry, create jobs, and reduce dependency on imported goods. Companies that manufacture or import certain electronic and telecommunication products into Indonesia may need to obtain TKDN certification to comply with these regulations.

The specific requirements for TKDN certification can vary depending on the type of product and the regulations set by the relevant authorities. Typically, companies need to demonstrate the percentage of locally sourced components in their products to meet the specified TKDN threshold.

TKDN Certification :

  • Interpertama also provide consultation, verification, pre-audit, and TKDN certification services for telecommunications, telematics, and electronic products and devices.
  • Explanation of the importance of TKDN for enhancing product sales in Indonesia.
  • The verification, audit, and TKDN certification process we offer.

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