Warranty Card

Warranty Card & Manual Instruction It is mandatory to register products, goods or devices that have a guarantee card and manual to the Ministry of Trade. If they are not registered, the products, items or devices can be detained at the surveillance time of goods in circulation. In order to ensure consumer protection and maintain …

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TKDN Certification


“Unlocking Success: The Importance of TKDN Certification” TKDN (Telecommunication Equipment Certification) is a certification system implemented in Indonesia to regulate and ensure the quality and safety of telecommunication equipment. This certification is mandatory for any telecommunications products to be imported, distributed, or sold in the Indonesian market. The TKDN certification process involves rigorous testing and …

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SDPPI Approval Certification

sdppi certificate

What is SDPPI Approval Certification and How Does it Benefit Your Business? The SDPPI Approval Certification is a certification issued by the Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (Kominfo) that is required for any product or service that uses radio frequency (RF) technology. This certification is designed to ensure that all products and services …

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Why is the SDPPI Certification important for your Business ?

We are able to help you. InterPertama is one of the largest independent providers of testing and certification services. With our comprehensive understanding of the local legislation, guidelines, and standards, we can assist you in achieving compliance for your consumer and industrial products within the Indonesian market. We have the experience and capabilities to support …

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